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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Man Gives His Shoes to Barefoot Bus Passenger

When a man can offer his shoes to a complete stranger in a bus who had no shoes, then you know it's not about race or religion, just a human being with a conscience who cares about his fellow man. Love is truly what will make the world a better place to live.

The man who captured it all, Surjit Singh Virk says it is a day he will never forget. He was heading home from a religious parade and took a city transit bus. It was a busy day, but for some reason everyone on the bus had crowded into the back. There was just one person sitting in the front, a man in a black t-shirt who didn't have a jacket to ward off the cold and instead of shoes, he wore flimsy bags on his feet.

Virk saw the Muslim man climb on board and sit next to the lonely stranger. The man took off his socks and shoes and slid them quietly on the floor, as if he didn't want anyone to see.“At first, I was like, why is he taking his shoes off, is he going to pray?” Virk recalls thinking. “And then he said ‘Just take it, don’t worry about me, I live close by. The recipient was shocked by the unexpected gift and before he could say thank you, the man had walked off barefoot in the rain.

The 27-year-old was coming home from a British Columbia mosque, and refused to be identified because according to Islamic teachings, it is better to do a good deed in secret. Virk was surprised by how natural giving seemed to the man. He’s used to the idea of people giving money as charity, but those acts are usually planned out. “This wasn't charity, this was just between two human beings,” Virk said. “No race, no religion. That was the beauty of it.”


  1. Let Brotherly love continue

  2. “This wasn't charity, this was just between two human beings,” Virk said. “No race, no religion. That was the beauty of it.”