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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Ex- Super Eagles Player Godwin Okpara Opens Up About Life in Prison

Ex Super Eagles player, Godwin Okpara regained his freedom in January 2013 after spending 7 years in prison. He was charged with rape, sex with a minor and assault in 2005 after their nanny accused him of serially raping her. He was immediately deported to Nigeria after his release and has kept a very low profile ever since.

In a recent interview with TheCable, Godwin opens up about what he believes has been betrayal by those closest to him and his life in prison. “I swear on the lives of my children that I never had sex with her (the nanny). I rarely had interaction with her or the other women or girls that my wife used to have in the house often. I was a footballer so my life was going to training, coming back home, playing with my children. “By the time she arrived I was living in Belgium and I used to come home to Paris on those rare times when we had not matches,” he said

"She said she had injuries. I never saw any injuries on her. Yes my wife did beat her but that was just as she used to beat her own children. As for me I never laid a finger on her. I can call my children now in France so you can speak to them and ask if I ever beat her or the children even,” he further said. Speaking about his life inside the prison,  “Many times I wanted to commit suicide. Two things stopped me: hope of seeing my children again and the fact that I would have needed to hang myself if I wanted to do it ─ if I had access to pills I would have done it. I saw many inmates do it and I understood why they had to,” Okpara said. 

Godwin left Nigeria as a teenager so he is struggling to get a grasp of the current Nigeria but what he wants above all things is to clear his name. “I will pay any price possible to clear my name. I would love to see her and ask her why she has done this. To beg her to tell the world that I did nothing to her,” he said. His wife is still in jail. 

While they were both in jail, they lost their first son to cancer. The other two children are now in foster care in France while Godwin is back home a recluse in Nigeria. “Many times in my room I break down and cry; I break my things in frustration and I wish that I had done things differently. Maybe opened my eyes more and been aware of things happening around me. My faith in God has kept me sane since this ordeal started and His Peace has been my peace,” he said. 


  1. Godwin! that's life, put the past behind you and move on.