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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Turning Trash to High Fashion- Zimbabwe

This is a creative way of changing the mindset of people in the area of waste management. And also an avenue to birth innovation and creativity.

Proudly Zimbabwean Foundation, a local non-governmental organisation, is set to change the face of local fashion with a unique extravaganza. Dubbed "The Trashion Show", the event will see designers showcasing clothes made from trash at the Harare International School in Mount Pleasant.

The show will showcase fashion items made from ordinary trash and about 10 models will walk the ramp wearing the outfits during the event ."A panel of 3 judges will decide on the best outfit, with the designer receiving a prize," said PZF official Fungai Chiposi.

The unique fashion show, which will be an annual event will not only illustrate the creativity of designers but will also be a wake-up call to all Zimbabweans to avoid careless littering.                  

"This event will not only showcase the immense talents that are housed in this country with local designers transforming what we see as ordinary waste into amazing fashion items, but will also act as a call to all Zimbabweans to come together and drive litter out of our country," said Chiposi.

The show is expected to introduce a new taste of fashion in Zimbabwe whereby trash will be considered for re-use and recycling to make new fabrics. Chiposi said the country was generating 3,000,000 tonnes of solid waste per year with no viable large-scale reuse and recycling strategies. All this mixed waste is accumulating at various designated dump sites around the country.

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